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USGI Industries Military Woobie Blanket - Thermal Insulated Camping Blanket, Poncho Liner – Large, Portable, Water-Resistant, for Hiking, Outdoor, Survival, Comes with Compression Carry Bag


Color: OCP
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The USGI Poncho Liner / Woobie Blanket is an essential piece of field gear. Veterans and soldiers love the woobie due to the nostalgic feeling it brings. Survivalists are passionate about the poncho liner for its endurance and many features. One of the most common uses for the USGI Industries Woobie is as a rain poncho insulation liner. In harsh conditions, slashing a hole in the middle and wearing it could mean the difference between life and death. The tie chords are designed not only to secure with the rain poncho’s eyelets but also to build tents, hammocks, and beds. Your creativity is the limit with the USGI Industries Poncho Liner / Woobie Blanket and the USGI Industries Rain Poncho.

Customer Reviews

Based on 242 reviews Write a review

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